Vorzana Mairan


Vorzana “Zinny” Mairan was born on Ganoth, into an influential extended family of lords.

Her mother, Azrea, was the third child of a former Lord Prime. Azrea’s oldest brother, Dermot Lorak, inherited the bulk majority of their father’s lands, and her second oldest brother, Nephen Lorak, runs their father’s starship yard, one of the planet’s largest.

Azrea married a land baron and cousin of another of the planet’s Lords, Ardlef Mairan. Together, they run Azrea’s inheritance, a series of helium mines vital to the planet’s ship and technology production.

Vorzana was their first child, and grew up cared for as the scion of a well-to-do family. She saw her extended family often, growing especially close to her Uncle Dermot’s wife, her Aunt Ledra.

Her Aunt Ledra, it turned out, was part of an organization that trained secret operatives for the good of the state of the planet. She ‘retired’ upon her marriage, but still maintained her contacts and friends. Seeing some potential in her niece, she began playing idle games with the young Zinny; catch (dodging sharp objects and learning how to throw them back into her Aunt’s deft hands), hide-and-seek (with heat sensors and traps), and later on, it was glaringly obvious when the kid’s games turned into target practice with blasters and other lethal weapons.

Most recently, the blockade of Ganoth by the Vertis Empire has put the entire planet and the Lords in an awkward position. Ledra, through her old friends and contacts, managed to warn her extended family of the Empire’s attempts to infiltrate and abduct prominent family members of the Lords’ families. Scattering to the four winds, the Lorak family had to separate and go into hiding, especially for the good of Dermot, who is on the short list to become the next Lord Prime of Ganoth.

Ledra, with Azrea’s approval, had a particular job for twenty year-old Vorzana, even as she packed up Vorzana’s younger brother by ten years, Kharan.

Vorzana took the most trusted and useful of her family’s servants and boarded a ship dubbed “The Luck Knight,” donning a disguise and running the blockades, glad at the chance to put her skills to the test, and enjoying the rush that becoming a smuggler and pirate afforded. Her ship, and she herself, quickly became known as “The Luck Pirate” as she pulled off strange, lucky escapes and heists on the Vertis stragglers, and managing to land the supplies back on Ganoth.

Vorzana Mairan

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