Government- Oligarchy
Population- 33,504,000
Climate- Moderate

Counting itself among the Conglomeration of Free Planets, the Baktus system actually has three worlds and two moons that are inhabitable. The system is mainly a resource providing system, two of the three worlds being farm worlds, Baktus IV however is a urban city, with many major cities across its face. In addition the two moons orbiting Baktus IX are outpost worlds, the first being a major military establishment renowned for its training of troops not only for the Baktus System troops but those of ther systems, selling their training regiment to other governments within the Conglomeration. The second of the two moons is a science outpost with some of the most high tech equipment in the Sector.


The Oligarchy of the Baktus system is a relatively simple one, there are ten men on Bactus IV who monitor things for the system and rule over, the men are appointed by the council. Usually it is done fairly with no bias based on what of the three planets you are from, however the majority of members of the council are from Baktus IV.


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