Government- Monarchy
Population- 10,000,000
Climate- Temperate

Cerith is the heart of culture and art, not only for the Conglomeration of Free Worlds but for the entire sector. The planet’s society is built around a complex system of artists and patrons. In which a patron’s worth is determined by the number and quality of artists who he sponsors, likewise the artists prestige is determined somewhat by their patron. A patronless artist is considered the working class of the world, it is generally considered a failure of status, to require a day job. It is the aspiration of most in Cerith to become a Patron.


Cerith has a traditional monarchy set up, a king presides over a court of nobles who run individual domains on the planet. All the nobles and the royal family are Patrons, however some of the more widely renown Patrons aren’t members of the noble class or the royalty, in fact some regard the nobles as having poor taste.


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