Government- Elected Monarchy
Population- 26,796,000
Climate- Temperate

Ganoth is a world of chivalry and honor, it is a class based society, with the commoners going about their daily lives and the Lord ruling over them, Ganoth counts itself amongst the independent worlds, being completely self contained and self sufficient. A proud people, Ganoth doesn’t believe in asking help from anything. In recent times however, Ganoth has come under attack by the Vertis Empire, despite the Empire’s vast military strength Ganoth has managed to fight it to a stand still. The Vertis Empire is currently blockading the system things are tense in the system, the people are confident in the Lord Prime.


Ganoth is ruled by a collection of Lords who own the land and all the commoners on it, each Lord is awarded a seat in the Council of Lords, the congress that rules over the planet. The Lords elect the Lord Prime who heads the Council of Lords and through it the world.


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