Government- Autocracy (Elected)
Population- 756,100,000
Climate- Cool-Cold (Snow)

Center of inter-planetary power and politics within the Asteria Sector, its no accident that this is also one of two planets that have access to the rest of the Galaxy. Liberis is the only world in the Asteria Sector that is officially a part of the Republic. Because of this, the planet is the main source of trade for the Asteria Sector with the rest of the Galaxy. Almost all crafts and goods not made within the sector are imported through the Republic world. This has resulted in Liberis becoming the mecca of the entire sector. With the other major powers in the Sector all competing for favorable treatment when it comes to trade.


Liberis has a traditional democracy set up, with one government in control of the planets 3 inhabited continents. The Chief Minister is elected and serves as the leader for 10 years. He selects his cabinet of Ministers and appoints Governors to control the individual territories.


Liberis and the Conglomeration of Free Worlds – Due to the Liberis’ position as the main trade force in the Asteria Sector, the Conglomeration feels the need to continually pander to Liberis’ every request. The Conglomeration, more than most other major powers rely on trade to survive, and they are very aware that this is a well known fact. The only way they survive is through constant flattery and political maneuvering.

Liberis and the Vertis Empire – While the Conglomeration may use flattery, the Vertis Empire uses strong arming and threats to get better trade agreements. The Vertis Empire is by far the greatest military force in the Sector, and there is nearly a direct Hyperspace route between Liberis and the edge of the Vertis Empire. It is a continual threat that Liberis is very aware of, however they count on the fact that any act of aggression towards their world would be a declaration of war against the Republic, something that not even the Vertis Empire is willing to do. However there is no point in provoking a beast, so they give the Vertis Empire their fair share of trade agreements, in exchange for continued peace.

Liberis and the Principality of Agrabis – Not nearly as good at political manaeuvering as the Conglomeration is, Agrabis suffers for their more remote location and unskilled diplomats, they must end up relying on the scraps that are left over. Luckily, although smaller than the others they are actually quite self reliant and do not suffer too much for their lack of political grace.


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