Government- Empire
Population- 75,000,000
Climate- Artificial

Noralis was originally established as a mining colony, geological surveys of the planet yielded outstanding results. It was not long before a full blown mining operation was underway. Massive bio domes were constructed to support life on an otherwise lifeless planet. The various metals that were mined made great use in starship construction, and it was not long before the planet constructed massive orbital shipyards. Soon the Noralis system was well known for its excellent ships and precious metals. After the Mandalorian wars the Noralis system became a willing servant of the Vertis Empire, giving the budding empire access to their valuable shipyard and massive fleet.


Noralis operates as most Vertis Empire planets do, with a planetary govenor appointed by the Vertis Emperor. This govenor is free to act as he sees fit under the Vertis Empire laws, and is the voice of authority in the system, his word is only second to that of the Emperor in all matters within his territory.


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