Government- Kleptocracy
Population- 10,000,000,000
Climate- Urban

If not the capital planet of the Conglomeration of Free Worlds, than certainly one of its most valued key players, Parona has always stood as the most densely populated planet in the Asteria Sector. The world is one where capitalism thrives, and only the craftiest survive in this economic jungle. Although the Conglomeration of Free Worlds has no ‘capital’ Parona is the economic heart of the alliance, indeed the entire Sector. Although not a warring planet, Parona is heavily fortified, the various corporations that run it, having their own private army. However it is a rare situation that leads all the corporations to unite, when they do, they are a force to be feared.


Parona is an unusual world, it does not have a government per se, they instead have a series of major Corporations that run the interests of the planet. In addition to the few Major Corporations that run the majority of the planet, there are a multitude of smaller companies all vying for a piece of the planet. Though there is no official government on the planet, law is kept by the corporation, and as the inhabitants quickly learn, the word of the Corporation, is law.


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