Government- Council(Elders)
Population- 50,000,000
Climate- Forested, High UV sun

Although the population of Seba numbers in the millions none of its inhabitant walk the surface, the many people of this world must seek refuge underground or be burned by the Blue Giant’s ultra violet rays. The sun of this world makes life on the surface difficult, while creatures can move about freely during the night, most species soon fry while the sun is in the sky. Indeed the sun’s UV rays are so intense that humans have received severe burns even at night, by the reflections of the planet’s moon. Yet even on this planet there is life, vast forests cover the surface, the trees thriving on the sun’s energy. There is also a race of proto-intelligent life forms known as the Kalshek, reptilian creatures long reputed to be brutish and savage.


There are several major cities in Seba, each is controlled independently by a Council of Elders, the term Elder is a title and not a definition of age, as most Elders are appointed by general consensus as being individuals of great value to their community. When issues of planetary importance arise, the various elders convene in Seba’s largest city Ebonis to discuss the planet’s fate.


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