Government- Empire
Population- 500,000
Climate- Tropical

Uvalo is unique from other Vertis Empire worlds, that is because Uvalo is not a simple colony or a resource world. Uvalo is the location of the Nexus Squad’s Academy, the center of the notorious secret police of the Vertis Empire. The entire surface of the planet is a large jungle where thousands of different species roam, each more deadly than the last. There is only one settlement on the planet and it surrounds the academy, a govenor rules over the colony however the academy is not under his control, and it is a well known fact that the real power on the planet is the members of the Nexus Squad.


Uvalo is unlike other planets in the Vertis Empire, while there is a planetary govenor who is appointed by the Emperor himself, they only act as an administrator, taking care of only the day to day things. The real decisions are made by the head of the Nexus Squad, the High Emissary, and all in the settlement know that the word of any Agent of the Nexus Squad is law.


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