Vertis Prime

Government- Empire
Population- 2,000,000,000
Climate- Barren(Mountainous), Stormy

Center of the Vertis Empire, Vertis Prime is well known for its military might and for the birth place of the Asterian Hero later turned tyrant Leron Nexin. Originally a world of little significance, Nexin brought the Sector’s eyes on Vertis Prime when he lead a campaign against the Mandalorians from the barren world. Now the world is one of the great powers in the Sector with over two billion inhabitants in major cities covering the otherwise lifeless lands. The planet itself still has little value other than its high population and political standing, offering no resources to speak of. In fact if it weren’t for the support structure of the rest of the empire, Vertis Prime would quickly collapse due to a lack of food and other essential supplies.


Before Nexin Vertis Prime was a simple world of settlers, after the Mandalorian war he established a strict Empire spanning a handful of worlds. Any force sensitives found within the Empire were taken in and trained to become members of the infamous Nexus Squad, secret police who used their force powers for the good of the Emperor and the preservation of the Empire. Local governmental issues are adressed by the planet’s govenor usually a sychophantic pawn assigned by the Emperor.

Vertis Prime

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